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Sep 2, 2014

Anonymous said: oh shit. so u guys single and can hook up with others? u guys looked like a bomb ass couple

its complicated at the moment. He wants to work things out, i am just wavering here and there. soooo idk about the hooking up just yet

Sep 2, 2014

Anonymous said: Damn so yall free?

Uhhh don’t really know how to answer that

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Anonymous said: Wtf?? U guys broke up?! What happened?????

Words were exchanged, yelling, deleting each other from our phones. Some crying, and missed opportunities. Short story… Shit happens but who knows what might happen. I might give him another chance, I might not.

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You’ll Never See Me Again- Adele (New Music 2014)


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Sep 1, 2014

Breaking up is just another part of Garrett’s day now.

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  • juliet: what's in a name? that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet; so romeo would, were he not romeo call'd, retain that dear perfection which he owes without a--
  • romeo: nice nice, so art thou a virgin?
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Elay Neal Moses, Today - 24.8.14

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me 24/7
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me 24/7

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